One comment on “If You Create Music. You Can Make Money!

  1. From SHADRICK BEECHEM via FaceBook:

    Be wary, I have been in the stock music game for a few years, and alongside producing and engineering, I’ve managed to get a decent income from it, but there are a lot
    Of dead/inactive libraries and/or bargain basement libraries that sell your tracks
    For pennies, so be wary of those. My two personal favorites are pond 5 and audiosparx. You’ll probably need to have at least 2-300 tracks in your library though before you actually start receiving a usable income. Stock audio is a pretty over saturated market and you gotta be willing to crank out massive amounts of good sounding music or know someone who can get you into a super high end exclusive library before you start seeing decent $$$. And being registered with a PRO is def recommended. Even if you submit to supposed “royalty free”
    Libraries like pond 5, you can still get a chance to collect some
    Back end royalties if any of your cues get a TV/broadcast spot

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